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Tadika Nemo Bestari

A licensed 6-classroom kindergarten under the Ministry Of Education (Selangor), has seen 10 years of success as a trusted kindergarten-cum-daycare center in SS14 Subang Jaya.

About Us

Licensed Preschool / Tadika / Kindergarten / Enrichment / Before and After School Care



Tadika Nemo Bestari been operating since 2006, and has built a solid reputation for quality pre-school and childcare in the Subang Jaya area, especially in SS14. We are a licensed kindergarten under Ministry of Education in Selangor.

Our teachers have Love and Passion for working with children and it is the very reason for our school's existence.  We provide a rich and stimulating learning environment made up of children of various nationalities and races.  All our teachers have a minimum of Diploma in Early Childhood, and are very passionate in nurturing every aspect, intellectual, mental, physical, social and emotional, of a child. Teacher Marlene, Tadika Nemo Bestari’s  Principal has been a passionate early childhood educator for the last 26 years.


Our Kindergarten Programmes

  • - Practical Life
  • - Field Trips
  • - Mathematics
  • - English Language
  • - Bahasa Malaysia
  • - Mandarin
  • - Science
  • - Cultural Studies
  • - Art and Craft
  • - Music and Movement
  • - Sandplay and Waterplay
  • - Cookery Class
  • - Physical Education
  • - Gardening
  • - Drama & Public Speaking Classes
  • - Holiday Programmes
  • - Computer Studies
  • - Ukelele/Guitar Classes
  • - Christian Education/Moral


All half day kindergarten children will be coached in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin in the morning session from 8:00am to 12:30pm.

Our full day children, will have extra Mandarin classes in the afternoon session from 1:00pm to 3:00pm after lunch, 3 days a week for children who will be entering SJK (Cina) or independent Chinese schools.

All our full day children, will also do our Singapore syllabus based enrichment programme in our evening session from 3:30pm to 5:30pm, which would equip them to SRJK, SJK (Cina), private and international curriculum primary schools.


Parents may opt for any one of the 3 options;

  • morning or afternoon session (Half Day);
  • both the morning and afternoon sessions (Mid Day); or
  • morning, afternoon and evening session (Full Day).

All children will receive original books, we do not provide photostated books to any child. 



Tadika Nemo Bestari has 6 classrooms, a computer laboratory, library in each classroom, audio-visual area, a canteen, a sickbay and an original kampong house. There is also a large water play area and a large outdoor playground.

We strive to provide a safe and familiar environment for our children where the boundaries are consistent, safe and comfortable. All our classrooms and key areas are fitted with CCTV to ensure every child’s safety. We take extra care of our cleanliness and we are the only Tadika in Subang Jaya with a 4 STAR rating for cleanliness by MPSJ.

In our kitchen, we cook all meals to ensure every child has a nutritious morning snack, lunch and evening snack.


Teaching Approach

Tadika Nemo Bestari believes in an integrated approach to child education which is based on empirical educational theories and practices on child development and early childhood education. At Tadika Nemo Bestari we have developed an active learning environment which combines  thematic / KSPK with play and video visuals. We ensure your child is ready for the next educational level.

The teaching approach used for the 2½ to 4-year olds is Thematic Learning integrated with the Play Approach, while the 5 to 6-year olds are taught using the Thematic Approach. Our approach has enabled many of our children to excel in Independent Chinese School, International School, SRJK and  SJK (C) with awards such as “Anak Cemerlang” every year since 2011 to 2017.



Tadika Nemo Bestari’s fees is in the moderate price range with the highest possible value in the Subang Jaya area, as most of our students are referred to us by our present parents. There are two terms: Jan to May and June to mid-Nov, with three (3) Parents Teacher sessions throughout the year. Transportation services are available from a number of areas in Subang Jaya.

Our school practices a positive verbal environment, in which adult words are aimed at being constructive, satisfying children's needs and making them feel valued. As a result, our classrooms have a strong focus on warmth, respect, acceptance, and empathy.

We believe, a stable family is very important in a child’s growth. In all our events, Sports Day, Annual Concert and our very own Family Day/Fun Fair/Trip/CSR, all our parents and extended family members are encouraged to attend.


Come, visit us and find out why we are the best kindergarten for your child to have a good foundation in their educational journey. 


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